The latest news from Michele and District 44

  • Yard Signs are Here!
    Click Here to sign up to receive a free Michele Knoll Yard Sign!  Show your support for Michele by requesting a yard sign! After signing up at the link above, we will have someone from Team Knoll contact you about a good time to distribute your yard sign to your home. We will ensure that we are staying socially distant and the drop off team members will be wearing masks.
  • Fair Districts Now
    As your State Representative I believe it is important that we prioritize Fair Districting across the state of Pennsylvania. Redistricting is important to me because, done well, redistricting is central to a well operating democracy. Unfortunately, when it is done poorly it cuts out the heart of a democracy. Regrettably, more often than not, redistricting is not done in a fashion that is supportive of a well-functioning democracy. Redistricting disenfranchises voters because they feel their vote doesn’t count. I’ve met voters on door that say they vote and take their children so they can see them vote, but feel that […]
  • New PA Primary Date & Vote By Mail Info
    Recently, due to the recent COVID-19, our State Legislators and Governor Wolf have confirmed they will move the upcoming PA Primary Election to June 2nd.  This change will also move the voter registration deadline to May 18th, the new Mail In Ballot Request Deadline to May 26th, and allow for mail in ballots to be counted as soon as the polls open on Election Day. As we near the new Primary date on June 2nd, I encourage you to help inform your networks about the new Primary date and also apply for a Mail-In Ballot for Election Day.  Apply for a Mail-In Ballot Here […]
  • We’re in this Together, COVID-19
    I wanted to share some hopeful news in these grim times. Like many of you my staff and I watch the daily, seemingly relentless, increase in the number of cases of COVID-19. But we’ve been doing some number crunching and the recent COVID 19 data for Allegheny County may have a silver lining. While we can never forget that each new case brings risks and fear to each person and their family there is evidence that our collective social distancing efforts are showing some results. We are here to empathize with those individuals and share the sentiment that we are […]
  • COVID-19 Resources
    Our promise when I committed to running for public office was always to put the needs of the people of the district first. That commitment is one that we plan to stand by throughout the course of this campaign and amid the challenges we are facing with COVID-19. As we continue to receive more information about the outbreak in Pennsylvania, we are taking every precaution that is recommended by our state officials and doing our best to go above and beyond these recommendations and I encourage you to do the same. In addition, we will continue to suspend all campaign […]