Michele’s priorities

A Better Tomorrow for All of Us

In these uncertain times, Michele will bring common sense and solid values to Harrisburg to fight for the families of District 44.

A Fair Shake for Hard-working People

Support for Unions

The people in our district are extremely hardworking, with more union members than nearly any other district in Allegheny County. Michele will stand with unions and support quality jobs. Good-paying jobs strengthen our community and make it possible to support local businesses. 

Fair Compensation

Michele will advocate for a solid minimum wage so families can invest in our community instead of worrying about how to make ends meet. $7.25 buys a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk in today’s economy. We need to ensure that families who are working 40+ hours a week are making a wage that can meet their bills. 

Sensible Taxes

And she will go to bat for local taxpayers to keep property taxes in check and ensure that their hard-earned money is used effectively and is re-invested in the community. With nearly one-third of tax dollars currently allocated to education, Michele has the expertise we need to make sure that money is invested wisely, not wasted.

photo of Michele at union event

A Healthy Community

Access to Quality Healthcare

For our community to thrive, we must support the health of our family and friends. Michele believes that Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege for the few. She will seek out evidence-based, science-backed information to make critical decisions that impact the health of our community, and will fight to protect the Affordable Care Act in Harrisburg. Seniors, children, and working families need reliable care to ensure that pre-existing conditions do not impact their eligibility for good health insurance. Also, college students who invest in learning should be able to get fair coverage until they enter the workforce. And our community’s elders shouldn’t have to choose between the life-saving medicine they need and a decent meal.

Right to Clean Air & Water

Health starts with the air we breathe and the water we drink. Environmental protection is key to our future and the future of our children. Michele is committed to fight for clean air and water for the families in the 44th District. By supporting the Department of Environmental Protection, we can help safeguard our community from negligent and harmful practices.

Opportunity through Education

As a lifelong educator and former School Board Director, Michele has the experience and insight to guarantee a bright future for District 44. By supporting teachers, promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and seeing to it that public funding is used for programs that create results, Michele will ensure that our children are ready to participate in the economy of the future, and make it possible to attract quality, high paying jobs to our communities.